Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

A couple of years ago a changed my diet pretty drastically. I went on a no dairy/gluten/sugar/carbs/caffeine/alcohol/red meat detox and it all got a bit out of hand for a while. 

Now though, I'm much more relaxed about the whole thing, although many of the things I learned about myself while I was a bit loopy have stayed with me: Do not approach me if I haven't eaten breakfast, if in doubt just feed me kale, and everything is better with spinach, and if it's green I will probably drink it!  

Seriously though, I'm better off without too much dairy, sugar makes me feel all drunk and fizzy and if I'm going to have gluten it's got to be good and its got to be worth it! 

I eat really really well 90% of the time, but occasionally something is deemed good enough to cheat for (A macaron, some Jamie's Italian pasta or bread, or mulled cider for example!) Sometimes, I sort of want something that falls in between…a treat by my standards that isn't a complete blowout-food-hangover-inducing-indulgence. The other day I really fancied a cookie, so ignoring the 300 recipe books I own, I had a little browse through pinterest and came across this recipe from The Bojon Gourmet for chocolate chip almond butter cookies with buckwheat, maple, and oats. I didn't quite have everything I needed, so substituted peanut butter, rice malt syrup and spelt flour. 

They were glorious! 

I've since made them 4 or  5 times (Pastry was equally non-plussed on these occasions) and am getting pretty good as estimating the quantities (mostly because my sister pinched my scales!) a I think I might try a cinnamon raisin variation soon. D has requested I try them with a different type of nut butter too, as that much peanut butter is a bit much if you're not a lover apparently! I'm thinking cashew, or maybe brazil nut…

In other news the wedding planning is in full swing, the house is slowly filling up with boxes of decorations, presents and stationary, and I've been making things into the early hours. I'm sort of looking forward to it being over now, I want to look back on it and remember how wonderful it was, and begin the next chapter of our lives and a married couple (at long last!) Of course I'm not expecting it to be that different…our Sundays will still be filled with laundry, snoozing and too much of The Big Bang Theory, but it will be nice to be a Mrs (and even nicer to have a sparkly new ring…I jest of course)

Much love everyone…spring is just around the corner! 

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  1. These look fabulous! I'm so glad to know that those subs will work - they sound delicious. Thanks so much for trying my recipe! And I heartily approve of the cat pics, too. :)